2 bath sheets PLUS free face washers $39.69 delivered@ Bear and Duck - SAVE $80

31 August 2007

Using the lovely 30% off discount code posted by Jayne you can pick up two bath sheets with matching face washers, delivered for a mere $39.69!
The face washers that these guys sent out as freebies were pretty good so I figure the towels you are paying for will be very nice.
Normally you would be paying $118 for the 2 bath sheets but Bear and Duck have them discounted for 2 for 1 and then you use the code

Choice of colours available

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  • nod
  • ScarletRubies
    Wonder if you can get Chocolate Mousse and Pistachio in a mixed pair? Because 2 chocolate mousses is just way too rich for me.....
  • nod
    Not sure if you are being serious or not :D
  • Emma EDITOR
    Not sure if you are being serious or not :D
    I'm never sure if she's being serious or not!! :w00t:
  • ScarletRubies
    Really? :) I tend to be mouthy & silly & irreverent & obvious... would love to be droll & pithy too. Generally, I am not being serious - life is serious enough in reality; I tend not to be serious when I am Ruby! I should try to use emoticons to greater advantage. [she says, ;)'ing] WRT the towels, I just think it's funny when things which are not edible are named for things which are. My most loathed instance of this is how baby poo is described. Until my kids were born, I had *no* idea that people (read mothers) would actually have conversations about the colour, timing... Oh forget it. It's gross. Sorry! btw, I have sadly started or participated in more of these conversations than I care to admit to.
  • admin EDITOR
    Baby poo on pistachio ..... baby poo on camel (naughty baby) or for some variation baby poo on snowflake (dont eat the mustard coloured stuff). Thats a nice little bargain btw nod.
  • nod
    Baby poo with a hit of pistachio... :D It is amazing how much time mothers spend talking about their babies poo :eek:
  • nod
    I expired this offer as the discount codes have expired. You pay $59.95 for 2 bathsheets with face washers these days

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