$14.99(US) for SSL Certificates at Go Daddy

20 January 2008

Cheap isnt necessarily good in security but there's enough large companies using Go Daddy certificates for them to be fairly stable with decent encryption.

If your needing something cheap and cheerful they have a sale plus increased cashback on the standard SSL cert. Its something that would be fine for low level processes. Add to that the exchange rate and even the deluxe certificates at $89 is miles better than the Australian prices I can find.

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  • bigal
    aaah nices... I'm now procrastinating if I should get the certificate now or later when I actually need it.
  • Brad
    I'm guessing we could probably use some of the 10% discount coupons as well, plus there's also 28% cashback on SSL Certificates!! :w00t:
  • kearnsy
    so is the $14.99 including the cashback and 10% discount? If not, how do you get the SSL for $14.99 and then include all the other discounts that others have mentioned? Cheers Damien
  • admin EDITOR
    There's something funny about the deep link here. Its not going to the page it should. So... use the go to deal button above to visit go daddy - that'll make sure you have an active cookie and should mean your transaction will track ok. The ]use this link to get to the page that gives you the $14.99 certificates (little banner at the top says the discount will be applied at the checkout). You will get the 28% cashback through here. To apply the discount codes enter the code at the checkout. I'm not sure if they'll work or not. Thats it kearnsy.
  • fairybelle
    Wow thats a bargain admin, but unfortunatly i dont really need a SSL Certificate at the moment

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