12pc Kaiser Hoff Kitchen Cookware Set @ Factory Fast $29.95

11 September 2007

I'm going to go out on a limb here.... I cant find a comparison for this pot set and I'm always suspicious about these shops. But ... Kaiser is a brand name thats been in the business of bakeware for years and there's nothing wrong with it.

I'm assuming that these pots are made under license by a Hong Kong company (http://www.bergner.com.hk/kaiserhoff/) which would probably explain why they appear on a site like factory fast.

If thats the case then they could be a really good buy - if not then at least they're cheap. They are 18/10 stainless with 3 layered bottom. I'm not sold on the gold trim and the glass lids - I like bacarrat style where you can stuff the whole lot into the oven and nuke them without damaging them but anyway....

Delivery to 2000 is $7 or so. If anyone has had these and knows what they are like post away. If they're crap then we'll expire them.

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  • wheadle
    3 layered bottom sounds good for even heating.
    I'm not sold on the gold trim and the glass lids
    with you there
  • admin EDITOR
    Price has gone up to $49 - time to expire it methinks

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