12 Dozen red Roses For Valentines

30 January 2007

"Spoil the leading lady of your life with the timeless gift of one dozen long stemmed red roses.
'She's Worth It' is the classic gift of one dozen long stemmed red roses, packaged beautifully in the Roses Only signature box with fragrant rose oil, pot pourri, and Lindt chocolates.
In addition to this you will receive, exclusive to Roses Only, our gorgeous cuddly Randy the Bear"

Normal RRP is $139 - order now and save $20.
Join Roses Only and with membership you receive an automatic 5% discount.
If you login and purchase thru Buckscoop you can get your 5% cashback.
Cost $119 plus 10% off

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  • admin EDITOR
    And there is two possible discount codes that may work - RACV and RACQ when you checkout. Both are supposed to be an additional 10% off. Im wondering whether they are v for vic and q for qld and there may be something with you needing to have them delivered to either state but I'm just guessing. If anyone tries them we want to know.
  • admin EDITOR
    While we're on the subject of roses - lastminute are flogging ]a rose that never dies Made me laugh.
  • wheadle
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :confused: the petals must fall off at some point hey?
  • nod
    I think I would prefer the real thing. Why do we always have to mess with things? :p
  • mouldgirl
    What is wrong with a good old plastic one? :o

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