10 x 2.25" customised magnets for $9.99 @ Instantly Personalized

2 October 2007

HOT DEAL Limited Time Only!

Personalise a 10pk of 2.25" Magnets only $9.99!!!

Normally over $20.00. They Make Great gifts for only $1.00 each

Design it Now!

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  • scatman00
    FREE POSTAGE/SHIPPING WORLDWIDE Enter coupon code: xxkqjpb at checkout Not sure if you can use both at once, as the newsletter says "OR"
  • fairybelle
    would be even better with free shipping
  • nod
    Well I have done a little test shop and the good news is you can use this offer and the shipping code BUT it only gives you about 40% off shipping - odd :eek:
    Order Summary Items AU$9.99 Shipping/Handling AU$3.99 Coupon Discount -AU$1.76 Order Total AU$12.22
  • lilpretzel
    Somebody can't send emails probably, mine came with over 50 email address belonging to other people. Whoops! :whistling:
  • nod
    Somebody can't send emails probably, mine came with over 50 email address belonging to other people.
    I am intrigued. What do you mean Lilpretzel
  • Emma EDITOR
    The company has put all the email addys in the to field, rather than emailing and "bcc"ing the other users... in effect this is a breach of data protection as they are sharing other users details!!!
  • scatman00
    Earlier today you may have received an email about some of our specials. Unfortunately there was an error with our emailing system and some people could view other people's email addresses. We are VERY SORRY for this error and we rectified the problem immediately. Please be assured that all your personal email details are once again 100% secure and you will not recieve advertising promotions like this again. If your email did contain anyother email addresses... Please DELETE and REMOVE the email immediately Once again we sincerely apologise for this error Regards Admin @ Instantly Personalized
  • nod
    mmmmm that's not very good at all. I wonder how many poor people will end up with a load of spam as a result?
  • Emma EDITOR
    Haven't they broken the law from doing that?
  • lilpretzel
    Sorry nod I didn't see your reply. Great to see the info has been passed on, thanks jayne & scatman :)
  • admin EDITOR
    They've technically broken the data protection act Jayne but the repercussions are largely fluff. You'd need to complain to the commissioner who might issue a warning but probability is that it would just be a logged complaint and that would be it. You might be able to get them rappped on the knuckles if you were persistent.
  • Emma EDITOR
    Well, I wasn't on the mailing list, a fact I'm happy about!

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