$10 soft cover photo books at BigW save $12.98

10 February 2009

Saw this offer in the current BigW baby catalogue. 20 page book for$10 is great as it is more than half price

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  • kam76
    I did this last time they had the offer - just be careful when you're preparing your book and don't put anything remotely close to the borders. I had images and text well and truly within the borders but it got chopped off in the book itself. Still a great deal though. K.
  • lisss
    Good :) I think the Artscow deal is better though - http://www.buckscoop.com.au/deals/16623/artscow-20-page-hardcover-photo-boo $6.99USD incl free shipping for 20 page HARDcover and the designs you can use are amazing, as opposed to the not so great Big W templates.

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