10 pack HB Grey-lead pencils, or 10pack Coloured pencils 30cents at Officeworks

30 March 2009

10 Pack of Grey-lead Pencils or Coloured Pencils 30cents at Officeworks on clearance. The HBs have a rubber attached to the end of the pencil.

Great for school kids or to have around the house. Officeworks also had 3 packs of plastic rulers on clearance for 30cents. My local officeworks in Coburg, Vic, had heaps of pencils and rulers.

I buy packs of the grey-leads and Friends of Same (via Rotary) who send them to East Timor for the kids to use at school. Maybe you could encorage your kids to buy a pack or two with their pocket-money to help children in need.
You can get in touch with Friends of Same via their website, or ask Rotary.

To post them, to be sent overseas, this is the address: Woolshed 37 @ 400 Somerville Rd, West Footscray. 3012, Victoria.

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  • nelly
    Such a sweet idea to send them overseas. DH and I took a trip to Morocco a few years ago and the thing that all the kids wanted was pens and pencils as they don't have any for school. You forget how little some people have. Thanks OP
  • fishmonkey
    yeah, great idea!

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