$1 Sale - Sticky Notes (post-it style)

3 August 2007

Create customised sticky notes for business or personal use. Perfect (and cheap) personalised Christmas gifts (can you believe it's time to start thinking about Christmas gifts already?).

Normally $7.99 for a customised sticky note pad, reduced to $1 this week. Sign in through Buckscoop and hope for $2.80 cash back to defray the shipping charge. You can curently get a sticky pad for free, but the range of designs is limited. That said, you can get a freebie & still use this deal.

I have found a lot of VistaPrint's freebies and deals DON'T appear on the menu on the left - they have what seems like hundreds of offers available, so I thought I would list the ones I received via e-mail here (having spent a bucketload on shipping this week to take advantage of about a dozen cheapies and freebies).

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  • admin EDITOR
    Not a huge amount of difference between $1 and free anyway :) I see you've got 10 degrees on this scarletrubies. Nice effort.

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