1 Day - The Ex Set Knives $24.99 (RRP $119.95)

22 April 2010

When on sale these usually run out so you'd better get in quick

On sale from 12 noon today

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  • ntowill
    Limit 2 per customer $5.99 shipping
  • Rebekah76
    all sold out. bummer... wanted one of these
  • fairybelle
    Sold out in under 10 minutes.. I think this is also a cheap knock off of the Voodoo Knige Block so I guess the RRP is a little wrong.?? A few weeks back they had the chopping board sets that "look" the same as the Joseph and Joseph ones that are around $100.00 I brought one and it just was a knock off made in China style. But for $30.00 i guess you cant complain too much... The had this deal also a few months ago and they also sold out straight away, but they kept saying to check back but never actually had any stock left it was all sold out and I was there from right on 12 o'clock>?

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