1 - day bag of crap $11

2 March 2010

The $11 Bag of Crap Sale FULLY LOADED is random, mystery products with a minimum value of $11 and a maximum of $500. There is a strict limit of one bag per customer ONLY.

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  • melscott28
    Anyone bought these before. im tempted
  • lilpretzel
    I haven't, I'll see if I can dig up last years crap bag.. I would save your money :whistling:
  • owenhwh
    these are usually crap anyway... got a box of crap from COTD last year, and it was the worst 30 bucks i've spent ever. not to say i dont like a surprise... but they were like useless surprises. getting socks for my birthday would have been better.
  • lilpretzel
    ]EXPIRED - 1-day- $11 Bag of crap sale + $6.99 shipping
    Wait for it....... 8 packets of EXPIRED pasta sauce just arrived for some poor suckers
  • melscott28
    oh bugger. looking at the last one i wanted one too but still the same, i will have to ask my partner for credit card. Still a little tempted but know i shouldnt be.
  • madsul
    $17 in total. I thought Stuff it and bought myself a surprise.
  • queenshrew
    $17 in total. I thought Stuff it and bought myself a surprise.
    A not-so-nice surprise you'll get.. More expired junk for your bin! :D Judging from last year's stuff..definitely steering clear!
  • fairybelle
    NO way am i falling for this again. Last year i got a pair of binoculars with scratched lenses. NOICE.
  • kazyazy
    EXPIRED pasta sauce NO Thankyou :eek: . I wouldn't risk it. Hopefully its better than last time for the people that have purchased one. :flowers:

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