1-Day - 22 Piece Knife Set Only $14.99 + $5.99 Shipping

15 April 2010

Knives that never need sharpening Noooooo! Surely not! we hear you cry. Well actually, weve managed to find some. And not only that but they come with 6 additional steak knives so if youre a meat eater then youll be able to chow down on your favourite steak in no time. But even for everyone else youll be able to whizz up some fantastic nosh with all these knives- theres something for everyone.

Each 22pc Knife set is sold separately.

* 22 piece set
o 6 x steak knives
o Cleaver
o Chef knife
o Bread knife
o Boning knife
o Paring knife
o Utility knife
o Tomato knife
o All purpose shears
o 6 x bonus steak knives
* Permanent Edge feature- never need sharpening
* Wooden block holder
* Made from AISI Surgical Stainless Steel
* Tempered at 1900
* Polypropylene handle
* 100% dishwasher safe
* Dimensions of the knife block: 9cm (W) x 14.5cm (L) x 22cm (H)
* Weight of the knife block: 2kgs (inc knives)

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  • admin EDITOR
    The only way they could be knives that never need sharpening is if they have a serrated blade. Even then its a bold claim that they will never need sharpening.
  • kazyazy
    I agree ...its impossible for a knife to never need sharpening lol :whistling:

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