What The Proposed $5 Parcel Tax Means To Aussie Shoppers

What The Proposed $5 Parcel Tax Means To Aussie Shoppers

The federal government's proposed "parcel tax" is worrying news for Aussie online shoppers, and something that is definitely to change the way many of us shop at our favourite overseas stores.

So, what is this "parcel tax"? Well, with online shopping growing at epic proportions in Australia, security screening costs on imported goods have skyrocketed. To help balance these costs, the government is proposing to slug Aussie shoppers somewhere between $2 and $9 (most likely a flat-rate of $5) on overseas purchases worth less than $1000. Sob!

But it gets worse.

This proposed tax would be in addition to the ten per cent GST due to come into effect from 1st July, 2018 on imported goods under $1000.

In short, we're looking at a complete and utter thrill kill when it comes to our online shopping parties, people.

We'll keep you updated on how this one plays out. For the sake of our therapeutic ASOSshopping sprees, let's hope and pray the parcel levy doesn't come to pass!


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