Well It's About Time! Cadbury Creme Egg Blocks Are Here!

Well It's About Time! Cadbury Creme Egg Blocks Are Here!

Cadbury Creme Egg blocks are making their way into stores as we speak, and it begs the question: Why hasn't this concoction of gooeyness come about earlier?!

As Cadbury itself says, the block format is an entirely "new way to goo", and as someone who's loved a Cadbury Creme egg forever but struggles with the sheer size and weight of them, the option of bite-sized pieces is perfect.

Is the filling the same as a Cadbury Creme Egg? By all accounts the taste is a perfect match to the egg, but it does look to be a slightly firmer consistency, so prepare yourself for a little less goo with the block format.

Cadbury Creme Egg blocks come in the (smaller) standard size of 180g, and will set you back around $4.80 each. This Easter delight has already been spotted at a number of Woolworths stores (on sale for $3!), and you can expect them to pop up online any day now.

Keep in mind, this is a limited edition, so you're going to want to start stockpiling pronto.

Creme Egg blocks aren't the only chocolately newness to hit stores recently. There are a number of new blocks on shelves now that are going to thrill sweetooths no end, especially those that love a bit of a hybrid choc-block.

There's the Freddo Block with Rice Crisps, and Freddo Block with Milk Bubbles; and then there are the new block editions of some of Australia's favourite confectionery bars: Picnic, Boost and Moro. OMG, Moro...

We're spoiled for choice when it comes to sweet treats this Easter!

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