Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Not Your Average Cleaning Hacks

Those of you who have been putting doing a proper clean (I'm talking all corners and crevices) of the house for far too long, then you'll want to read this post. Today I have compiled a list of some of the best cleaning hacks out there to help get every inch of your home squeaky clean.

These hacks will save you both time and money by avoiding having to spend extra on those ultra-specific cleaning products, yet still being able to achieve amazing cleaning results in all the various areas of our homes that we never seem to get around to attacking. In the lineup today you can expect to find great tips on how to effectively get rid of mould, mildew and other grubbiness around the house.


Cleaning Grout on Floor Tiles

If your house has floor tiles, ask yourself when the last time it was that you cleaned the grout between them. If the answer is never, then this could certainly be a good time to approach the matter. Otherwise if you have been trying to clean them but realised there is so much scrubbing involved that you stopped, this hack is also perfect for you. The video below represents 3 different methods in which you can clean that grout and get rid of that grubby appearance on your floors.

[Source: Clean My Space Youtube Channel]


Cleaning Wood Stains

We all have those guests that come over every now and again and they forget to use a coaster under their drinks If you don’t see the stain until afterwards when you are cleaning up, then you may think it’s all over and the wooden surface is ruined. However, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that you can actually bid those ringed stains goodbye with the following cleaning hack.

[Source: Howcast Youtube Channel]


Loading the Dishwasher

Are you also one of those people who believes “I'm the only one that knows how to load the dishwasher properly”, cause I know I am. I'll admit that I often feel that everyone else who attempts to do so makes it look like they loaded it by sitting on the other side of the room and tossing the contents inside. If a dishwasher isn't loaded properly, then there won't be an even dispersion of water around the inside of the machine. This can result in sand-like residue being left on your glasses and plates. This dishwasher hack will help you save time and money by ensuring you load your dishwasher correctly every time, reduce over crowding and provide better value for money on each cycle.

[Source: Clean My Space Youtube Channel]


De-fogging and Cleaning your Mirror

Mirrors have many purposes in a household, they can be great for checking your appearance, they can be used to make a room seem larger as well as being used to bounce light around darker parts of the house. If you have kids it can be difficult to keep them clean all the time and if your mirror has a few years under its belt then it may show signs of fogging too. If you want to learn how to clean your mirrors without leaving streaks and defog them (for up to 3 weeks) where necessary, the following cleaning hack will show you the way.

[Source: Howdini Youtube Channel]


Mould and Mildew

Mould and mildew can really make the difference between a clean looking bathroom and a grubby looking one. Those black stains in-between the tiles quite frankly look terrible, but you would be surprised at how you can transform your bathroom’s look once they have been removed. This cleaning hack will show you the best way to get your bathroom sparkling again like those bathroom cleaning adverts.

[Source: Clean My Space Youtube Channel]

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