Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Helping Mums Around the House and Engaging with the Kids

This week's scoop of the top life hacks revolves around Mothers Day with a focus on ways to ensure maximum enjoyment for both mums and kids. Yesterday I published an article covering Mother's Day gifts that she will actually like. So in conjunction with today's post, you've got yourself an arsenal of ideas to give mum the best Mother's Day she's ever had!

The following variety of hacks range from time spent with the kids at home playing games to helping get the house organised to reduce your mums workload in the future. If you have already bought a gift for Sunday but would like to do even more, then try utilising some of the points to make this Mother's Day one to remember.


Arts and Crafts

If you suspect that mum would probably like to stay home on Sunday, then why not suggest a fun way to engage with the kids to make for a more fulfilling day together. After all, this is something most mums would love on any given day of the week but often everyone's busy schedules get in the way. The following video demonstrates 12 great ways in which to engage with the kids in art and craft activities for some rewarding family fun (whilst also ensuring minimal mess is made meaning less time spent cleaning up).
[Source: WhatsUpMoms YouTube]


Taking Over the Laundry

Generally, nobody does a better job with the laundry than mum. However, if you have made the decision to take over the duties this Sunday to allow her put her feet up, then there are a number of cheats you can use to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Nobody has to be perfect at folding clothes or organising washing areas, but if you really want to chip in and not only help this Sunday but for all future washing activities too, this video is a great myth buster on how super mums handle laundry like pros.

[Source: WhatsUpMoms YouTube]


Dad Helps Mum

If the kids are too young to complete certain tasks or prepare something themselves for Mother's Day, then dad can lend a hand and command the help of the kids to make mum's life a little easier. Dad should teach the kids how to think like a mum to get jobs done around the house. The hacks in the video below are some of the best ways in which dad and the kids can help around the house to get things even more organised. They may even help you teach mum a trick or two.

[Source: WhatsUpMoms YouTube]


Learning and Development

Engaging and learning with the kids can be a rewarding experience for any parent. If you are new to parenthood and have young children between the ages of 0 – 10 then spending some time with your kids and encouraging their cognitive thinking power can certainly be rewarding for a mother. Thus, if you're planning on staying indoors and letting mum enjoy some quality time with her family this Sunday, why not suggest some of the following engaging games to help further develop your child’s mind and strengthen their bond too. It's a win-win situation as she gets to spend some precious time with the kids while you bag some brownie points for coming up with insightful ways to do so!

[Source: WhatsUpMoms YouTube]

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