Warning To Parents About Chemicals in Squishies Toys

Warning To Parents About Chemicals in Squishies Toys

If you've got school-aged kids, you no doubt know all about Squishies. For the uninitiated, they are essentially colourful foam toys (like a stress ball) that come in the shapes of cute pets and delectable treats.

Needless to say, kids love them, and Squishies have become a global collectable craze.

But, it's a craze that could soon come to a halt.

Denmark the first country to ban Squishies

The Daily Mail reported that Denmark has already banned Squishies after tests showed the presence of "cancer-causing substances" among other dangerous ingredients in the ubiquitous toys.

A total of 12 Squishies were tested by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, and every single toy was found to contain levels of harmful chemicals that could cause long-term health problems, including infertility in people exposed to the toys.

Harmful chemicals present in Squishies

Among the frightening chemical substances found present in Squishies was N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF), known to be toxic to the liver, and bring about vomiting.

Also present were triethylenediamine, which can cause breathing and eye problems in people exposed; and cyclohexanone, which can cause drowsiness.

In fact, it was found that even days after the toys were unwrapped from packaging, the chemical levels remained high.

(Definitely makes you worry about the strong chemical smells the emanate from a lot of toys, doesn't it?)

Warning To Parents About Chemicals in Squishies Toys

Calls to remove Squishies

While the Toy Industries Europe has called the tests "flimsy" owing to the fact that the testing sample involved only 12 toys, Danish health authorities are calling for distributors and importers to remove Squishies from sale until it can be confirmed that the toys aren't harmful to kids.

Will you still buy them?

At this stage, there's been no word about whether Squishies will be removed from sale in Australia, although this frightening news will no doubt make a lot of parents think twice before filling those Christmas stockings with them.

Would you still buy Squishies after learning this news? Do you think Squishies should be banned in Australia? Leave us a comment.

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