The Toy Story Bears Are on Their Way to Build-a-Bear Warehouse

Set your reminders for Friday 28th June!
The Toy Story Bears Are on Their Way to Build-a-Bear Warehouse

It's official people, Woody and Buzz are arriving at Build-a-Bear Workshops this week, and these could be the cutest bears EVER to step a paw inside the workshop.

At this stage, Build-a-Bear Australia hasn't released exact details of what's up for grabs, but the promotional image suggests that Woody and Buzz could indeed be joined by Bo Peep (featuring Pawlette). Plus, if international rumours are anything to go by, Ducky and Bunny may also be making an appearance.

Admit it, you want them all, right?

As always, accessories are bought separately at Build-a-Bear and tend to fit all bears. The beauty of this is that if your child already has a Build-a-Bear friend, all you need is the outfit to turn it into one of their favourite Toy Story characters.

Woody, Buzz and Bo Peep are likely to be $45 each, which is a regular price for new-release items. Outfits are usually $27.50, and footwear is most often $15.

Sounds cards are available at Build-a-Bear for $7, and fingers crossed there's one for both Woody and Buzz.

The range will be available at Build-a-Bear stores and online from Friday 28th June.

Keep in mind that if you buy online, bears come already stuffed. For the build-a-bear experience, you need to head to your nearest workshop.

Did you know that Build-a-Bear's Pay Your Age Day is now on?? Get to a store fast - it ends tomorrow!

Build-a-Bear ships for a flat rate of $9.95 in Australia.


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    so cute. I need a Spider-Man build a bear next:laughing:

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    haha the buzz one

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    they’re coming !!!!

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    :heart_eyes: one for all three of the kids!

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    omg they are awesome