The Storybook Cosmetics Quill & Ink Eyeliner Set Has Arrived

The Storybook Cosmetics Quill & Ink Eyeliner Set Has Arrived

It's here! The much awaited newcomer to a collection of cosmetics that the makeup-loving world has gone nuts for! The Quill and Ink Eyeliner set has arrived at Storybook Cosmetics and you can pick it up for US$39 (approx AU$49.95) NOW!

This will no doubt sell fast, as does everything that comes from this innovative creator of gorgeous things. After the huge success of the Witchcraft & Wizardry Palette and Beauty and the Beast 'What's in a Name' Brushes, I have no doubt that this will knock it out of the park as well.

The Quill & Ink Eyeliner set has a custom gold feather quill and a hollow brush stand to protect the end. The water-resistant, black, matte eyeliner is 100 per cent vegan, and has not been tested on animals. The whole set comes in a royal blue, padded tin.

It's exquisite. And given that my birthday is within sight, I just may be throwing some hints in the general direction of my husband!

NOTE: all prices on Storybook Cosmetics are in USD.

Shipping to Australia is US$11.05 (approx AU$14).


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