The Long-Awaited M.A.C Aladdin Range is Available Now!

Gold packaging, exotic hues, princess vibes - oh my!
The Long-Awaited M.A.C Aladdin Range is Available Now!

We heard the rumours, we saw the teasers, and finally the M.A.C Disney Aladdin cosmetics range is available to get our hands on - and it was definitely worth the wait!

The first thing that struck me about this collection is the packaging: golden tubes and cases entwine with turquoise or pink for what is really the most exotic and must-have makeup we've seen this year.

M.A.C is famous for its brilliant lipsticks, and the Disney Aladdin hues really do cover the best of the pinks: there is everything from natural and subtle to full-blown magenta in this lineup, and they will set you back $39 each.

TheDisney Aladdin Eyeshadow Palette is $65 and includes nine colours, in "smokey metallic and desert shades" that have buckets of shimmer.

TheDisney Aladdin Powder Blush compacts ($45) are probably my favourite items in this collection - and not just because they come in two lovely bronze shades - I'm especially loving that both powders are embossed with the Genie's lamp and come served up in a golden case. This is a compact you'll be very keen to whip out and show off!

Other items include a black eyeliner pencil, lip gloss and pigment - and trust me when I say that you're going to want it ALL!

The new Aladdin movie hits screens on Wednesday 22nd May.

Standard shipping is $10 or FREE over $100. (Free samples with every order.)


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