KitKat GOLD Has Arrived & You Can Try One For FREE!

KitKat GOLD Has Arrived & You Can Try One For FREE!

Confectionery just went golden - chocolate golden! The KitKat GOLD has arrived, and if you happen to live in central Sydney or Melbourne, you can sample one of thousands of these caramel-flavoured chocolate treats for FREE!

Gold KitKats are the latest release from Nestle (following the oh-so-pretty Ruby bars), and I'm just going to come right out and say this: they ROCK. If you go weak at the knees for caramel flavours and crispy wafers, you're going to love this.

You can buy Gold KitKats at Woolworths stores HALF PRICE this week:

Where to get a FREE Gold KitKat:

To celebrate the launch of this limited-edition golden treat, Nestle will be building two GIANT CHOCOLATE WALLS, each created from 8000 Gold Nestle bars - and visitors can help themselves!

Here are the details for the Golden Walls:


  • When: Thursday 30th August, 2018
  • Where: Martin Place Station


  • When: Monday 3rd September, 2018
  • Where: Southern Cross Station


In additional to golden chocolate, there will be one very special Golden Ticket up for grabs at each event. The finder of the ticket will score a holiday worth up to $5000 to either Tahiti or Africa.

Get in on the gold rush!

Read more at Nestle.


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