The Good, the Bad & the Ugly - Woolworths 'Odd Bunch Campaign' Could save You Close to 30% on Fruit

If you’ve ever ended up buying a funny shaped carrot or a deformed looking pear then you can expect to see their cousins very soon. A new campaign by Woolies has been launched to reduce produce thrown away by supermarkets every year, which they're calling the “Odd Bunch Campaign.” Woolies last week launched this new policy across its stores so you can start buying ugly fruit and veg out of choice, while at the same time paying less.


In accordance with the United Nations, roughly one-third of food produced for human consumption is either lost or wasted each year. This amounts to an astonishing 1.3 billion tonnes. So yes, this is why you don’t come across those ugly foodstuffs very often, because supermarkets don't offer the 'uglies'. But now they are back with a bang, and Zerella Fresh who supply Woolworths with onions, carrots, and pumpkins say this campaign will save the lives of more than 50 tonnes of ugly carrots each week.


Europe are already ahead of us on this initiative, with supermarkets such as Sainsburys in the UK and Intermarche in France selling their ugly fruit and veg through similar campaigns. Their efforts have not only reduced the number of items wasted, but also improved the supermarkets support of the growers, helping them sell more of their produce. The national sales manager at Zerella Fresh, Peter Brinkworth stated, “Woolies are supporting the growers by taking the whole crop… instead of cherry-picking what we are growing, they are working with us.”

The “Odd Bunch” campaign has come right after the Bank of America Merrill Lynch reduced the price target for Woolworths from $27 down to $25. This downgrade in the company’s earnings means it will be Woolworths first fall in profits for the past 16 years.

So, how does all this affect you the customer? Well the good news is that not only will the fruit and veg hold the same nutritional value, it will actually be cheaper to buy as well. Discounts will vary across various items but, for example, this week Woolworths are selling a kilogram of ‘Odd Bunch’ carrots for $1.28 as opposed to the symbolic shaped carrots that cost $1.88. This is a discount of 40%. If you were to buy a kilogram of “Odd Bunch” pears they would work out $1.20 cheaper at $2.78, compared to standard pears that are $3.98.

Ugly Fruit and Veg from Woolworths


If you’re not too fussy about the shape of your fruit and veg, then the ‘Odd Bunch’ items may save you a tidy little sum. Here is a small shopping basket example to show you what you could save compared to buying standard items at Woolies and Coles.

The Odd Bunch



Apples 1kg




Pears 1kg




Potato 1kg




Carrots 1kg









Looking at the small shopping basket above, if you only shop at Woolies, then you are $3.80 better off buying the “Odd Bunch” products compared to the usual items. This is a saving you can make by shopping at the same store but simply accepting the ‘uglies’ into your home. Compare the Odd Bunch fruit to Coles prices and you are $2.24 better off.

Ugly Fruit and Veg, Tasted not Wasted

The savings may not be massive per individual shop, but if you are like myself and eat plenty of fruit and veg throughout the year then the potential savings look more significant. Lets say for example you buy fruit and veg every other week through out one year (totalling 26 weeks), the cost of buying the sample basket above from Coles would total $318.76. At Woolies buying standard shaped produce would total $359.32.

But, opting for the Odd Bunch items and your total across the year will be $260.52. In this case you would save, after simply changing to the Odd Bunch fruit and veg, a very respectable $98.80. This is a saving of 28% for products that are exactly the same, but in a slightly different shape.

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    Thumbs up from me. Good campaign. Curious how it will work in practice, and if it's permanent (subject to sales).

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