Replacing or Refunding your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Australia

Samsung Australia has revealed details about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 safety recall after the news that certain devices had become unsafe. If you have purchased one of these devices recently and are worried your handset may suffer the same fate as the exploding battery stories that have been surfacing online, then continue reading to find all you need to know about returning or refunding your device.

All customers are entitled to a replacement, repair or refund, including eBay purchases, post-paid mobile plans and grey market imports. This way you can ensure that you get a new device that is safe and can feel confident in charging it without it bursting into flames like other devices have. To put things into perspective however, there have been less than 100 reported incidents out of one million unites sold.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodedThe issue has been caused by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s new 3,500mAh battery. The issue has occurred because the there has been an unintended meeting between the battery cells that can potentially cause the device to explode. Although the problem hasn’t affected more than 100 devices, the issue has been deemed dangerous enough for the company to complete a global recall of all devices, along with customers being advised to stop using them until the change.

If you would like to act on the advice given by Samsung here are some of the details you should know:


Stop using my Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

Samsung Australia has urged everybody to stop using their device immediately. They have asked all customers to switch the device off and one Whirlpool member even explained that his device had exploded and that this wasn’t simply a precautionary measure for overseas models.

Advice from Samsung also includes do not leave the device charging unattended and back up your data and photos where you can.


When will replacements be available?

Fill out the Samsung form to refund or replacement deviceSamsung have announced that the delivery of a replacement Galaxy Note 7s should be expected to arrive with customers within three to four weeks. However, Samsung is offering alternative devices in the mean time so customers are not completely phoneless. Additionally, there has been no mention on whether you should have to return this courtesy device once you receive your new Note 7.

All customers should make sure they are contacted by the company by heading to the Samsung Australia website and filling out the form. You can also nominate whether you want a replacement or a refund whilst completing it. If you prefer something more immediate, call the Samsung Customer Service number on 1300 362 603 or speak with a representative on Live Chat.


What if I bought on a mobile contract?

Australian telcos are in the same boat, they are waiting for their new shipment of devices from Samsung so in the mean time they are providing customers with a range of solutions. These include; permanently swapping to different handset without cancellation fees, or receiving temporary devices until the new ones arrive. To initiate the process you will need to visit one of your provider’s mobile stores for more information.


Customers who bought their device outright?

If you purchased your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from a store e.g. Bing Lee or JB Hi-Fi then the easiest remedy will be to contact the store to find out what arrangements they have in place. If you are new to Samsung then certain stores will even help you back up your information and switching it to your courtesy device.


What if I purchased from a foreign online store?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with Stylus penWhen Samsung said every device they meant it, even devices bought via eBay or imported into Australia via the grey market will be covered by Samsung Australia. The company’s goal is to contact 100% of its customers as part of the global replacement of its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall. Those overseas buyers are better to arrange a refund directly with Samsung.


I’ve damaged my Note 7, am I still entitled?

Count your lucky stars because today is your lucky day, Samsung will even refund damaged devices which have issues not related to the battery recall.


What are the Best ways to Save Data?

If you would like to back up your device before you return it to ensure you have done all you could then there are a few options to consider:

Replacement Device

Those receiving a replacement device can do the following to save all their contacts, photos and other information to have it ready for download when the new device arrives:

  • Download and install Google Photos for unlimited cloud storage (back up over WiFi).
  • Create a Samsung Account to save all contacts, notes and other Samsung data.
  • Create a Google account to save all contacts, notes, passwords etc.


Refunding your Device?

If you plan to ask for a refund and get a new device you can still follow the same steps above if you plan to get an Android device. However, if you plan on buying the new iPhone 7 which will be released on 7th September then you can still use the following methods:

  • Download Google Photos and back photos up to cloud.
  • Store all data, contacts etc. onto an SD card or directly to your laptop to convert later on.

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