Receive 4 Weeks of Free AFL Streaming with a Live Pass Voucher

Its that time of year again folks and as the autumn season approaches we can look forward to the AFL. If you were with us last year you will know that Telstra was giving away 4 free weeks of streaming on all AFL matches. That’s already sounding like a pretty good deal with 'Telstra' and 'Free' in the same sentence.

Below you will find information about what you need, where you need to get it and how you can get the 4 weeks free streaming at home (or out and about) for you and the family to enjoy.

Telstra delivers the live AFL streaming so the first thing you need to get is a Telstra account if you don’t already have one. If you don’t fancy becoming a customer purely for the AFL, a quick and cheap way to achieve this is to buy one of Telstra’s many prepaid $30 sim start kits which regularly going on sale for $15. The great thing about this is you get double the amount of call credit for half the price, plus a route into creating an account with Telstra.  Right now, there's an offer like this available at Coles as per this deal on the Buckscoop Deals board.

Once you have created your account and added your credit card details in the registration process the next part is easy. Take the Voucher Code and input it into your relevant section to receive your free four weeks of streaming.

AFL Season Live Pass Powered by Tesltra 2015

If any of you are looking to choose exactly when to activate your free trial, to try and include the NAB challenge, unfortunately this isn’t free. So your only Australian choices are buying a live pass or Foxtel. However, if you have a VPN service then you will be able to view the NAB cup free using the international AFL service. The quality is 720p, better than the free local (illegal) pixelated versions.

Customers on the Telstra network will be happy to know that similarly to last year, the AFL footage will not drain data from your data plan. So if you have a contract or a pre-paid sim with Telstra and your 4G network is stronger than your broadband line, feel free to steam from your mobile while you're out and about as well.

4 weeks free streaming with AFL Live Pass using voucher

You may have now done everything to get an account and sign up, but if you’re not on your toes you will be charged once the free trial period is up. In my opinion, if you do not intend on keeping your subscription and being charged $4.99 per week for a weekly pass, you can stop it. As soon as you sign in and register your voucher code for the free viewing you can cancel your AFL live pass subscription. When you do, this following information will display:

“You will continues to have access to all the exclusive content that comes with an AFL Live Pass, including live games through the AFL Live Official App, until your subscription anniversary date. If you are currently still in the FREE trial period, there will be no charge to your accounts.”

Happy streaming!


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