25% Off Personalised MEGA Cadbury Easter Tube!

25% Off Personalised MEGA Cadbury Easter Tube!

Personalised gear makes awesome gifts for people of all ages, and given the sheer size of the Cadbury MEGA Easter tube, it's safe to say it's going to be a popular one! Usually $20, you can now buy the tube for just $15 and have it personalised at no extra cost.

  • Personalised Cadbury Easter Tube Available at Big W Stores

So you're wondering how mega this tube actually is, aren't you? Well, it's MASSIVE! The tube contains a whopping 28 eggs (and not the teeny-tiny ones, either), and weighs nearly half a kilogram. So this is an Easter gift that definitely makes an impression.

It's not just the size of this tube that's impressive - it's also great value. The Cadbury Egg Hunt Bucket contains 11 eggs of a similar size, and costs $10, so the tube is a much better buy if you are after a solid stash of eggs for your kids' Easter morning egg hunt.

As above, personalisation is actually free - the tube costs no more with a name put on it, so it's definitely worth doing if you can find the time. All you have to do is head to a Big W Photo Lab, and tell the team what name you'd like printed. Confirm a collection time that suit you, and you're set!

I've been really stuck with what to get my tweenager this year, but I know that this will definitely put a smile on her dial!

NOTE: Kmart is selling the Cadbury GIANT Easter Egg Tube for $10, but it contains 20 eggs and has no personalisation.

Hoppy Easter!


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