Pre-Order Prosecco Pong Party Game For $25.03 @ Zavvi

Pre-Order Prosecco Pong Party Game For $25.03 @ Zavvi

You've heard of Beer Pong, right? Well, this one is for the ladies - and it's all class. Sort of! Prosecco Pong is the newest edition to drinking games, and you can pre-order it now for just $25.03 with $1.99 shipping at Zavvi.

The kit includes everything you need to get playing (and tipsy):12 plastic Prosecco flutes and three ping pong balls. The game involves two teams with six glasses of tipple each. Each team has to try to bounce a ball into an opponent's glass, if they succeed, the opponent drinks that glass. The winning team or person is the one who has made their opponents drink every last drop.

Makes you wonder how many people would be more than happy to lose given that it means more bubbles for them, doesn't it?

This looks like so much fun, a must-have for Christmas parties!

This item will be in stock from 18th September, 2017. Expect shipping to take a few weeks from that date. Shipping costs $1.99 to Australia.


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