Pre-Order Original Digimon Virtual Pets at Big W Now!

Will yours be ready for battle??
Pre-Order Original Digimon Virtual Pets at Big W Now!

Great news for fans of Digimon: the original consoles of the 90s are returning in July and ready for a whole new generation to become obsessed with! You can place pre-orders right now at Big W for $34, and you've got three colours to choose from.

For the uninitiated, a Digimon is "Digital Monster," and like Tamagotchis (which are made by the same compnay), it requires care and training from its owner in order to thrive and reign supreme.

Users have to raise and teach their Digimon from day one, and essentially prepare it for a massive monster showdown with another Digimon. In fact, you can even link up one Digimon console to another, so friends can have their Digimons battle it out.

The winning Digimon will be the strongest one, so feeding, caring for and guiding your Digimon is the key to victories. Neglect is not an option - nobody wants a sad Digimon.

There are main control buttons (select, execute and cancel) and using these, you're able to select various icons and functions within the console. You can feed your Digimon, set up a battle - even put it to sleep.

These little consoles are only palm-sized, and come with a very handy key ring, so you can keep them with you pretty much all day.

Digimon is recommended for ages eight and over - and you can expect to be seeing more than a few of them around the traps from July onwards!

Digimon consoles release on 8th July, and will be shipped shortly after.

Standard shipping is $7.90.


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