Pre-Order Hatchimals Surprise Eggs For $119.99 @ Toys R Us

Pre-Order Hatchimals Surprise Eggs For $119.99 @ Toys R Us

Another wave of Hatchimals pre-Christmas pandemonium is in store for us this year, and this time it all has to do with the BRAND NEW Hatchimals Surprise range. No one knows what's inside, and it's got kids in a spin to find out! You can pre-order them now from Toys R Us for $119.99

The surprise element is a huge part of the marketing of these eggs, and as such there's not a whole lot of information at hand about what kind of creatures lurk inside - and whether they have horns or toes! But, what we do know if that these eggs incubate and hatch much like the others in the series. The Surprise eggs do look bigger than the others, though.

These are the options:

  1. Pre-Order Hatchimals Surprise - Giraven $119.99
  2. Pre-Order Hatchimals Surprise - Peacat $119.99
  3. Pre-Order Hatchimals Surprise - Puppadee $119.99

Delivery is expected in mid-October. Standard shipping is from $11.


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  • Jayarna B.

    Freaking hatchimals will be the death of me.

  • Kiera C.

    my god they have new ones.... Only $119 :joy: