2018 Polly Pocket Compacts Are Officially BACK!

2018 Polly Pocket Compacts Are Officially BACK!

If you were nuts about Polly Pocket back in the day, then this news will send you into a mad spin! Polly Pocket Mini Compacts are BACK! Get over to Kmart right now - they start at just $8!

Mattel's new, slightly larger compacts are said to be modern and relevant to a new generation, while maintaining those key elements of big colour and secret worlds that captivated so many '90s kids.

The 2018 compacts include themes like tropical beaches, a music studio - even limousines.

Oh, just take my money!

Many of us still haven't recovered from the discontinuation of Polly Pocket compacts in 1998. We did see a re-launch of the brand in 2010, but the oversized playsets lacked the originality of the clam cases and were short lived.

Looks like this time they got it right.

In Australia, we've only seen these at Kmartso far, so they could sell very fast. You can also buy them from Ozgameshop(UK), which ships to Australia for just $1.99 with shipping times of up to 10 days.

Standard shipping is $10 at Kmart, or you can use Click & Collect.


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  • Stefanie K.

    The girls would love those!

  • Corinne B.

    Wow we use to have heaps of these!

  • Trudie M.


  • Sarah M.

    Not as good as the old ones

  • Beth M.

    So cool but definitely not the same as the originals

  • Shea W.

    Still got my original ones.. :joy:

  • Tymeeka T.

    Bringing back the good old memories :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Corrine R.

    Exciting!!! look how much they have changed

  • Kate D.

    guess where we're going? To buy polly pockets

  • Amanda E.

    omg I loved them