PayPal's Refund Returns Policy Targets Australians Saving You up to $180 on Unwanted Items

Australian shoppers using PayPal can now have more confidence buying online if the goods they've purchased don't live up to expectations. This service is especially rare because Australia is only the third country in the world to receive it, with Canada and France being the other two.

Recognised on social media platform by the hashtag #FreeReturnShipping, you basically opt into the service after which you can request a refund via PayPal for any shipping costs up to $45 that are incurred when returning a product to the seller. The total value of $45 can be applied across up to four separate items. PayPal have introduced the policy after their statement that “complicated returns processes are preventing over half of Australian shoppers from embracing online retail.”


Free Returns on 4 Items up to a Value of $45

The basis of rolling out this service across Australia follows a study that was conducted by Ipsos and PayPal Australia showing that around 5 million Australians had received items they didn’t want, resulting in a cumulative value of $460 million or 13 million in unwanted items.

Whilst the policy helps buyers, it also helps smaller retailers entering the digital retail space, as many shoppers remain hesitant about buying from a seller with low sales volumes or no free returns policy. So, in the spirit of promoting small business PayPal gives both parties more confidence. The best thing about this policy is that it’s free and there is no charge or deductibles to account for, and the refund will be sent directly back into your PayPal account.


When Cant it Be Used?

The service cannot be used when purchases are in violation of the PayPal Acceptable Use policy, are immaterial products or intangible goods such as coupons, travellers cheques or items paid for in cash. The service also doesn’t allow you to claim for a refund if the seller already has a returns policy included within their services.


How Many Refunds Can One Person Receive

The policy allows 4 refunds per PayPal account until the 31st July 2015. Only one refund is allowed per PayPal transaction ID and several items being returned at once will be deemed as a single refund.

If you have any questions about your policy, how to go about making a claim or simply need assistance you can use this email address to direct your questions:


How You Receive a Refund

How to Claim for a Refund after returning an Unwanted Item via PayPalMaking a claim requires you to fill out the Refund Request form and prepare the relevant documents required to assess your circumstances within 14 days of returning your item. Once you have collected and filled in all the relevant details you must send them to

CallPoint New Europe AD (trading as Telus International Europe) is the company that process all the paperwork and claims procedures on behalf of PayPal. They are responsible for assessing your claim and the documents that you send in. If you request a refund but do not provide all documents requested by the company, you will be given seven days to present them via email.


What Information is Required

Telus will firstly require the completed Refund Request form which will take all basic details from you. Secondly, they will need a screenshot or confirmation email from PayPal displaying the entire price that you paid for the item using PayPal. The final piece or proof you will be asked for will be dependent on how you paid for the cost of returning the item. More information is available about your individual case at PayPal’s website, otherwise during the process Telus will advise you on what is required.


Final Points

Telus and PayPal will keep you updated throughout the entire process via email confirming things such as receipt of your Refund Request, whether they have accepted or denied the refund and when you can expect the refunded money to be back in your account.

You will be eligible to utilise the PayPal policy if you have an account in Australia, which has not been suspended or limited previously. If this policy sounds like something you wish to initiate, activate the policy by registering here.

Any items returned before the policy started will not be eligible for a refund as the service is not retroactive.

Certified Refund Returns Policy by PayPal

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