Outsmart the Scam Artists When Travelling Abroad

Travel Scams and how to Avoid them when AboradHolidays are something we all need every once and a while and saving money for those special times away with family or loved ones can really reward you with a hard earned break. Yet, being aware of the types of scams that get pulled on tourists out there can be the difference between a great holiday and a disaster abroad. In this post I'll be covering some of the mot common scams taking place across various parts of the world that you should definitely be wise to.

Each column in the above infographic lists a different type of scam and where they're most likely to take place, along with country flags below to show where in the world they are most prevalent. Besides the hassle and emotional impact that getting caught by a scam can have, you also stand a good chance of loosing money too. There is nothing worse than some dodgy scam artist enjoying the benefits of your hard earned money that was meant to create good memories for and your family.


Pick pocketing in Europe

It’s advisable to always carry your money in at least two separate places and formats. What I mean is never take all of your cash out with you, never keep all of your cash in one location on your person and always try to use pre-paid cards to minimise the risk of having money stolen.

The world can be an evil place fuelled by the shady people who like to take advantage of tourists. When travelling it’s easy to think you are smart enough to not get caught out but the truth is that it happens to the best of us, sometimes without you even having realised it. This is why in this post I haven’t tried to tell you in which surroundings and circumstances you need to be on extra guard. There are full time professional scammers out there and Europe is one of the prime locations for this kind of activity, especially towards unknowing tourists from countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia for example. So stay sharp and travel safe!

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