NEW Ty Paw Patrol Beanie Boos $11.99 @ Mighty Ape

NEW Ty Paw Patrol Beanie Boos $11.99

(UPDATE: these have sold FAST, guys. Check below for stock and price updates.)

It was only a matter of time. The Paw Patrol pups are now available as Beanie Boos! (Insert hysteria from thousands of Aussie kids.) You can pick them now at Mighty Ape for $11.99 each. Shipping is usually $4.99, so these do work out to be more expensive than your average Beanie Boo, but....PAW PATROL!

Every time I buy my daughter a Beanie Boo, I tell her it's the last one - and it never is! These ubiquitous plush toys are irresistible. And now that the Patrol is involved, they've just gone next level.

Here's the gang:

Go get 'em, folks!

These items ship from $4.99 Australia-wide.


  • Natalie G.

    Oh my gosh how cute.. Dimity would want the whole set :dizzy_face::speak_no_evil:

  • Ali W.

    omg I'm need the whole set

  • Ciara S.

    There should be a Rubble one :pensive:

  • Rhianne N.


  • Jasmine W.

    Oh my gosh yes! So cheap too hmmmm :thinking::see_no_evil:

  • Tiffany P.

    They dont have rubble :astonished:

  • Cheyanne G.

    Wth? Why not zuma or rocky? Rubble is life!

  • Megan O.

    Im gona get them one each :-)

  • Yvonne T.

    Nice I was thinking of getting miss 6 one to realise her fav Rubble isn't there why oh why is he not there

  • Tenneil B.

    Paw patrol my son flipping when I showed him this picture!!!!

  • Chantel R.

    Oh no. :sob: I can't take anymore PP!

  • Nioaka F.

    Oh I want !!!! But not for $12 each

  • Megan O.

    Done! Hopefully get them during week :-)

  • Lo J.

    The kids would love these!

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