New-Season Beaded Bags Arrive at Showpo

The Bead is BACK!
New-Season Beaded Bags Arrive at Showpo

If you thought the beaded bag was something only found tucked away in seconds stores and dress-up boxes, think again. Beaded bags are very much back, and they look set to be the must-have handbag of summer.

As always, Showpo is always right on top of the hottest trends, and its new collection of beaded bags is the perfect balance of playfulness and prettiness - you won't pay a small fortune for them either.

While bold colours might appeal to our fun sides, natural hues are easier to pair with just about anything. Showpo has used a virtually all-neutral colour palette for its collection — think cream, stone, beige and tan — and whether it's for a Spring Racing event, or drinks with the ladies, these accessories will transform those outfit.

The box-style is arguably one of the most popular versions of the beaded handbag this year (it actually reminds me of a Barbie handbag!), and you can get your hands on Showpo's Shed Light Beaded Bag in Pearl for $99.99. Measuring 16 x 18, it's not huge, but definitely big enough to hold your essentials for a day event.

The Perfect Timing Beaded Bag in Cream is $49.95 and a packs some big beach vibes. This one will fit your phone and lip balm, and pair perfectly with spring/summer dresses.

For a retro clutch that will match everything, the Figured it Out Beaded Bag in Tort for $59.95 is my pick. Keep in mind that with bigger beads than some other bags, you don't want to put any teeny-tiny things in it that could slip through the gaps.

I love them ALL!

Standard shipping is $7.95 or FREE over $50.


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