NEW Mayka LEGO-Compatible Construction Tape From $9.99 @ Toys R Us eBay Store

NEW Mayka Construction Tape

LEGO fans, the wait is over! Mayka Construction Tape (which launched on Kickstarter as "Nimumo Loops") has just arrived in Australia - and it is the bomb. This tape is compatible with almost all major building blocks, and it comes in various stud sizes. I think it's safe to say this is going to feature in more than a few letters to Santa this year!

Silicone Mayka Tape can bend, flex, and be cut with no issues at all. It sticks to loads of different surfaces, and is completely reusable, without leaving any hideous residues behind. Because no mum wants that!

The most brilliant aspect of Mayka tape is its versatility; so far you can buy this in two or four-stud versions, and with it facilitating play anywhere, the imagination is the limit with what kids can build.

Tape formats include:

While there are many brick tapes in the market as a result of Mayka's launch success, this is the original brand that started it all - and LEGO fans are loving it.

Stay tuned, more products are expected in this range, and we can't wait!

Shipping is $9.99 for these items.

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    Can you buy it at dreamworld Lego store

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