New Low Cost, PAYG Broadband ISP ‘Tomi’ Puts you back in Control

There is a new ISP (Internet Service Provider) in town called Tomi and its doing things slightly differently. Its ‘customer centric model’ is aimed at ensuring the customer only pays for what they use, not for what they don’t use. Use their “Pausetime” feature to stop and start your broadband service anytime, whilst still retaining the high-speed service you signed up for.

The Melbourne based ISP “Tomi is focused on ensuring fairer and more flexible payment plans within its ADSL2+ and NBN offerings. Plans start for as little as $10.95 per week, which include line rental and “cheap domestic and international call rates” says the founder Andy Summerton. The flexibility and price competitiveness of Tomi's weekly and 2-year contracts are impressive, the details of which I've outlined below.


For those of you who don't mind contracts, Tomi do offer their Weekly and Unlimited plans within a 24-month format that costs $0 to set up. However, the beauty of their service is that you don’t necessarily have to commit to a contract, which many other companies use to lock you in with. Tomi’s minimum contract plan is their “Weekly Go Broadband + Phone Bundle” which carries a one-off $195 set up fee along with ongoing weekly payments.

But when we start talking about data usage, this is where Tomi comes into its own. Their basic plan provides NBN or ADSL2+ from $10.95 per week. For this amount you'll get 1GB of data each week. Yes, this may seem like a very limited amount of data for some, but maybe Grandma doesn’t spend her days streaming countless YouTube Cat videos like the rest of us.

A standout aspect of their service, for those of you who own a holiday home in Oz or are employed on a contract requiring frequent travel, is Tomi’s “Pausetime” feature. This allows you to pause your usage and billing at any time for a maximum of 28 days during a 12 month period. Thus you don't always have to pay for your internet service when you're not using it. Pausetime can be easily activated or deactivated from within your online account. Note, you will need to have had an active connection for at least 3 months before being allowed to use this feature.

So, when Tomi mentions “paying for what you use”, if you exceed the basic 1GB limit then you will be susceptible to the following costs:

  • 1GB – 5GB   -        $3.05 per week
  • 5GB – 10GB   -      $6.05 per week
  • 10GB – 20GB   -    $8.05 per week
  • 20GB – 40GB   -    $9.05 per week


Here's an example to give you a more practical idea of what a month's usage may end up costing you:


Data Usage

Weekly Cost

Week One


  $10.95 + $3.05
Week Two


Week Three


  $10.95 + $8.05
Week Four


  $10.95 + $9.05




Some might think that’s plenty, online gamers though may disagree. To clarify how much data you may end up using during a 30 day period, WhistleOut provides a guide on how much data certain websites require which provides some useful insight.

However, if you don’t want to have to think about usage rates or you find yourself frequently hitting the 40GB limit per week, then Tomi’s unlimited plan may be more suitable. It costs $20 per week, you wont have to pay the $195 ‘connection fee’ and it also includes a phone line. Call charges are; 19.8cents for local calls, 22cents a minute to Australian landlines and 15.4cents per min to mobiles.  You should also be aware that if you're not on an unlimited plan and your data usage reaches Tomi's 40GB per week limit, your broadband speed will be slowed to 64kbps/64kbps until the following week (where "data usage" is counted as the total of downloads plus uploads).

Tomi Monthly Flexibility


The Comparison

A quick comparison on WhistleOut shows how Tomi compares to other ISP’s within the NSW area:



24 Month Unlimited Contract

12 Month Unlimited Contract

Monthly Unlimited Contract



$115pm (Min $2,760)


$59.80pm (Min $1,460.10)


$59.99pm (Min $878.87)


$69.99pm (Min $1,789.71)


$74.95pm (Min $899.40)


$75pm (Min $75*)


$85pm (Min $2,055)


$129.95pm (Min $3,207.80)

$119.90pm (Min $318.90)


$80pm (Min $1,138.80)


$80pm (Min $275**)



* Vaya's monthly unlimited contract requires you to BYO router, which will add circa $50 to $100 depending on your choice 

** this is what Tomi's weekly unlimited plan cost equates to over a one month period, which includes the $195 upfront setup cost 


As Tomi is the only provider listed above offering the flexible weekly tariff, it's easier to compare Tomi with the other providers offering 24 month contracts.  While Dodo and TPG do have a lower monthly cost over this period, what's interesting here is that Tomi’s minimum possible expenditure works out the least expensive of all. Dodo, who has the lowest monthly cost of $59.80, require customers to spend at least $1,460.10 over the 2 year contract period - that's a whole $321.30 more when compared to Tomi.



The Pros and Cons

As far as the pros go, besides having the lowest minimum spend requirement over 24 months, as mentioned above, there are two other important factors which make Tomi an attractive ISP to opt for. Their "Pausetime" feature provides un-matched flexibility and value for money, as does their option for weekly billing cycles without anytime long term commitments.

On the cons side of the spectrum, if you look at the example given in this post which shows what the costs might look like after a month of using Tomi's basic weekly plan, you can see that it may not be quite as cheap as you're perhaps initially lead to believe. If you're somebody who spends a fair amount of time working online from home, or you have a family with multiple members accessing the internet each day, you'll very likely end up having to opt for their weekly unlimited plan. This equates to $80 a month which while being reasonable, isn't exactly rock-bottom pricing comparatively.

Also don't forget, that's just the cost of the data, you'll still need to pay for calls on top.


Set Up Process with Tomi Internet


  • odysseus
    Hi, Could you explain the figures in your comparative table? You state that Tomi for an unlimited 24 month contract costs "$80pm (Min $1,138.80)" I understand the $80, which is 4x$20. However, a month is usually greater than 4 weeks so it's not technically a fair comparison to use that figure. It'll be greater than other ISPS over a year and I think that's actually a hidden gotcha that they charge by the week. Since there are 52 weeks in a year, you'll end up paying an extra month worth of weeks in a year, whereas other ISPs do charge by the month. But the main question was how you came to $1138.80? Since 24 x $80 = $1,920.00. And more accurately as shown above, it would seem to be 104 * 20 = $2,080.00
  • FisherMan
    Hi Odysseus, thanks for your keen eye on the figures! Yes $80 per month does produce the outcome of $2,080.This is an error on my behalf. When I was on the Tomi website, there were two views of their plans, one with and one without contracts. So $1,138.80 ($10.95 p/w) is the minimum price you will pay with no contract on their ‘Weekly Go Broadband + Phone Bundle’ plan. Their ‘Weekly Unlimited Standalone Broadband’ plan which costs $20 p/week totals the $2,080 figure.

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