New Liquor Market Stores Aim to Sell Cheapest Alcohol in Australia

Australia’s obsession with low prices is continuing to drive a new market of cut price products. We’ve already seen Aldi dominate the market using this method and Coles wants to jump onto the bandwagon by selling lower priced, affordable booze through its new discounted alcohol store Liquor Market.

The first store opened in the Melbourne eastern suburbs of Ringwood at the end of October and it’s taking a number of pointers from the discount chain ALDI to put people in the right money saving frame of mind. Unlike the larger offering of Dan Murphys, Liquor Market will focus on fewer items within a smaller set up all revolved around saving money.


The colour scheme is the first thing customers will notice, yellow and black to represent discounted prices and those customers within the area may recognise the bricks and mortar shell as the old Coles’ store; First Choice Liquor. The colour isn’t the only thing new because stock will be replenished on the store floor sitting on their pallets, giving the store that money saving appearance.

The big stores can’t simply compete on price either because they still have higher operating costs and would witness their profits diminish, hence a new start from Coles makes good sense. LiquorLand is another brand owned by Coles and Liquor Market is offering cheaper products and it’s only 50 meters down the road. A bottle of Yalumba Pinot Grigo for example was $1 cheaper per bottle and a slab of Sapporo beer was $2 less.

Liquor Market

The Liquor Market website is pretty bland at the moment, so finding out how much you could save when the store opens up in your area will be impossible for the time being. There is no doubt Coles intend to capitalise on the Christmas shopping period, but if a store doesn’t open near you before then, we have some excellent ideas on ways you can save money buying alcohol via other means.

Buying Online: This is a pretty obvious step for many of us and whilst we can recommend a number of different stores it will depend on the alcohol you are looking for. Remember shipping can be a costly part of buying booze online so don’t simply type ‘Save money on alcohol’, try these instead:

  • Wine free shipping.
  • Buy gin free shipping.
  • Cheap Alcohol free shipping.


Bulk Buying: most retailers will reward you for buying in bulk which makes the overall purchase cheaper per bottle. This can be a good technique to buy your favourite wine to have for over the Christmas and New Year period, the hard part is not drinking it.


Google Search: If you prefer the lazy persons guide to buying cheap alcohol then Google Shopping may become your new best friend. Rather than simply typing the money saving search terms along with alcohol names, try typing:

  • Buy wine.
  • Buy whiskey.
  • Buy vodka.

Google will then suggest different products within its Shopping tab. Then in the top right corner save more money on alcohol by clicking the ‘Sort Default’ button and from the drop down menu select “Price: Low to High”.


Alcohol Deals, Discounts and Vouchers: Finally, if you are too lazy to do any of the steps above, and you certainly can’t be bothered to go to the new Liquor Market store then here are some booze deals from the Buckscoop website to make the search that little more simple.

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