NEW Easter Collection 2019 Arrives at Lush!

NEW Easter Collection 2019 Arrives at Lush!

If you go weak at the knees for gorgeous bath and body products, hang on to your hats. A brand new Easter collection has arrived at Lush and with prices starting at just $5.50, there is absolutely no way you'll be choosing just one.

The beauty of Lush, aside from the gorgeousness of the products and the fact that everything is handmade, vegetarian and earth-friendly, is the fact that there's gorgeousness for every budget.

At the cheaper end of the offerings, you've got Easter-themed Knot Wraps available for $6.95 a pop, and the hilarious beak-shaped Beak Street shower bomb for just $5.50, and both great low-cost Easter gifts for friends and family of all ages. (Healthier alternatives to chocolate, too!)

The Bunny Bomb Bomb ($17.95) is a stand-out because it's something kids will love as much as any weary adult who is totally overdue for a fizzy pink bath that smells of Brazilian orange and forests. OMG, heaven...

NEW Easter Collection 2019 Arrives at Lush!

Another firm fave is the huge Rose Bombshell Egg ($22.95), which is pure luxury. The pink egg shell eventually dissolves to reveal a rose-scented filling of bath salts and dried rose petals - so you will quite literally be soaking in flowers - and a whole lot 'o milky-pinkness.

Returning for 2019 is the famous Lush Golden Egg bath bomb melt, which is still $8.50 and as sparkly as ever; the colourful Cream Egg is also back, and at $9.50 it's an eggcellent gift idea for any fan of fresh spearmint tones.

I'll take one of each, thankyouverymuch!

Flat-rate standard shipping is $9 in Australia.


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