NEW Sugar-Free Coca-Cola ORANGE Has Arrived For Winter!

Coca-Cola Orange No Sugar is Here!

Just when we were getting over (and thoroughly enjoying) Coca-Cola Raspberry, a new flavour hits our shelves: Coca-Cola ORANGE!

Now, how orangey it is, I cannot say, as I'm yet to get this one in my glass, but according to Coca-Cola, this is Coke with a hint of orange, so prepare for something subtle, yet awesome.

Citrus notes are perfect for winter, so this one is going to fit right in, and the fact that it has ZERO SUGAR means we can all have another scoop of ice cream - I think.

It's not online at Woolworths yet, although it has been spotted in-store for $2.70 for the 1.25L bottle.



  • Leanne M.


  • Aimee T.

    Hmmmm not sure!!!

  • Stephanie H.


  • Leanne M.

    Will need to try it. Not a combo I would have thought of!

  • Jenny G.


  • Emma W.

    Blurgh no no no!!!

  • Brooke C.

    Wouldn’t want to try after brushing your teeth :grimacing:

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