Mountain Buggy Bag Rider $149 @ Mountain Buggy

Mountain Buggy Bag Rider $149 @ Mountain Buggy

This is genius - and if you've ever had to walk two kilometers between terminals with a baby or toddler in your arms, I'm sure you'll agree! The Bag Rider is a total stress remover for travelling families, and not surprisingly it's getting a lot of love out there. New stock is on the way and you can pre-order now for $149.

The Bag Rider is completely adaptable; it can be used as a standard two-wheeled carry-on suitcase, or, when meltdowns and tantrums are imminent, a much needed four-wheeled perch for tired tots.

So far this case only comes in black, and it holds up to 15 kilograms of weight when used as a Bag Rider. It comes with a cushioned seat pad, and it even has a mesh pocket for storing your boarding passes and semi-chewed toddler snacks.

Of course, there's a five-point safety harness with adjustable, padded straps to keep little ones secure, and heaps of storage space inside the case.

It's a suitcase, and it's a stroller. I love it.

New stock of the Mountain Buggy Bag Rider is expected in the next week. You can pre-order yours today.

Standard shipping for the Mountain Buggy Bag Rider is $15.


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  • Cherie D.

    this looks good but you couldn't put much in it if it already weighs 5kg :cry: