Money Saving Travel Apps with a Difference

Scanning the web for the best online deals can feel like a chore at times because there is simply so many websites to choose from. Personally, I find the process of searching endless websites mundane and boring, yet the hope of finding a better deal or more convenient travel time for less spurs me on.

Airfare deals, hotels, restaurants and vehicles booked with ease can make the beginning of a trip easier, which is why I want to present some of the best smartphone apps out there that help get the job done, whilst saving money. Today we look at what makes the following apps the best in the market for booking travel at your fingertips and what differentiates them with regards to saving money.


Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight

Booking a hotel in advance of course gets a cheaper price, but most people who use hotels will know that last minute bookers usually get stung badly on price. The Hotel Tonight app does the same hotel search as all the other apps out there, but with a focus on saving money and unfilled rooms.

Save Money How?

Hotel Tonight has affiliations with hotel booking systems to try and bring you results for hotels that have had last minute cancellations. This app is great for saving money last minute, but we would advise if you wish to continue saving money, try not to solely depend on it as it may not always provide availability.



Skiplagged mobile app

Skiplagged is a smartphone app that allows users to search available flights from one or more destinations. It works similarly to Skyscanner for example, but with a few extra benefits that make it more beneficial for true money saving orientated individuals.

Save Money How?

Skiplagged works slightly different to other flight websites, because its clever algorithm helps you get to your destination via the cheapest means possible. Whilst direct flights are an option, the app will also recommend ‘hidden cities’ for example that you can fly to that are close enough but cheaper. Alternatively, the app may recommend choosing a flight with a stop to help reduce the price.



MISO Fitness app

The MISO app can be a valuable source of information for individuals who travel regularly, because most of those travellers will know that airports, hotels and long travelling times can mess with ones routine and health goals. MISO focuses on making each new location feel as much like home as possible.

Save Money How?

The MISO app searches your destination for fitness studios, gyms and healthy food locations so you can maintain your routine / diet etc. as un-disturbed as possible. The ability to read other traveller’s reviews also proves to be invaluable when trying to find good quality restaurants by dietary preference e.g. gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian.



Hopper App

The Hopper app is more designed for the meticulous traveller who focuses on budget in all aspects of travel. If you like to plan well in advance then this app will be more suited to your travel because it can recommend the best times of year to book flights or other travel arrangements in advance.

Save Money How?

The money saving aspect kicks in by entering the dates you’d like to travel and allowing the app to track the trip. The app will then notify you of the best time to buy and how much money you have saved by waiting until the right time to book. It’s almost like a personal travel advisor.

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