Krispy Kreme Channels The Simpsons With D'ohnut

Krispy Kreme Channels The Simpsons With D'ohnut

The latest addition to the Krispy Kreme family of goodies honours none other than Homer Simpson. The D'ohnut is here and it's all kinds of YUM!

The world is going slightly bananas over this release. It could be because a whole generation of doughnut-loving 90s kids (who watched the 6 p.m. episode of The Simpsons every night for years) are feeling nostalgic, or it could be because we're talking about a classic glazed doughnut, dipped in chocolate truffle, with strawberry flavours and rainbow sprinkles.

It's the latter for me!

You can buy The Simpsons D'ohzen for $26.95 online now, or you can choose the Mix Your Own Dozen for $26.95 and throw in a few of your other faves as well.

You can also find The Simpsons D'ohnuts at 7 Eleven stores for $3.25 each.

Krispy Kreme's Standard delivery free is $5 or FREE on three or more items.

Images: Krispy Kreme


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