Knowing When It's the Best Time to Buy the Latest Technology

We know we don’t need the latest flagship smartphone, yet the intriguing new features and sleeker designs make them irresistible to many.  It's important to consider though that it's the exact device you currently own which should ultimately determine whether you need to get a new phone or not. For example, an iPhone 6S owner won't receive get value for money if they upgrade as soon as the new iPhone 7 comes out.

Saving money is exactly the opposite of what the big smartphone manufacturers want you to do and they will try everything they can to lure you into spending more than you probably need to with them. So how can you know with a high degree of certainty when the right time to upgrade is and how long should you really hold off for when considering a second or third opinion before buying?


Being First in the Line for a New Launch

Living life on the bleeding edge of technology for many is a way of life, it’s exciting and they always feel the need to get heir hands on the latest tech ASAP. However, most of us realise how quickly those once-so-exciting new tech devices become more mundane. Each new technology release on gadgets and smartphones tends to be a slightly more enhanced reiteration of the last successful product, Apple of which being a notorious advocate of this tactic.

Some customers get a complete kick out of queueing in long lines in front of retail stores waiting for the doors to be the first ones to get their hands on whatever new gadget is just hitting the market. Although I would argue that these lines draw similarities to WW1, in that the front lines don't usually give you too much time to think. Holding off on buying within the first 24 hours can give you time to read hands on reviews, other people's experiences and also understand if you are about to buy a winner or a flop product.

Being First in the Line for a New Launch at the Apple Store


Trusting the Manufacturer

If you are considering an upgrade, the first thing you want to ask yourself is whether or not the manufacturer has a good track record when they upgrade regularly. Secondly, ask yourself what kind of support that company provides for its products, especially new ones and how long will your device be supported before they stop?

A good example would be the latest Apple laptop that has been released containing only one port for charging in which everything else has to connect through. If you are still an avid user of USB sticks or HDMI cables, then the idea of having to buy extensions for everything might put you off. Especially when you are spending so much for a laptop that has become more expensive and reduced the amount of tech included.

The questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Is this the product you really want?
  • Is it well supported should any any immediate defects become apparent?
  • Does the manufacturer have a good track record?


If you can answer all of the above questions and they are all positive then you should feel more confident in buying the product that you are thinking of because it will be a better investment of your money.

Trusting the Manufacturer


Cult Products and Enthusiast Products

If you love the latest tech and are willing to spend lots of money simply to have the product as soon as possible, then it helps to not be alone during these times. Today's large tech enthusiast culture can be incredibly helpful if you need help or have questions regarding your new device. If in the previous point you realised that your new product or company doesn’t provide support, then this community can prove invaluable when difficulties arise with your new device.

If things don’t go to plan then this group could also help you with moving that product onto a better home, particularly when the supply of the product might still be limited. Deal hunters who are looking for online bargains for that particular product can also help out in this respect. Reducing the cost and saving money by selling to the community could prove useful.

Cult Products and Enthusiast Products


Spending Money you Do Not Have

As expected, the latest and greatest tech will also come with a hefty price tag that makes it much more of a gamble too, especially if you are changing platforms or upgrading from a very old device. Additionally, technology does not hold its value because as soon as you have purchased it, it is effectively out of date. This is the single most important reason why you shouldn’t spend money you do not have on technology. First hand reviews and community discussions can make the difference between buying a winner or throwing away money on a product which is of no greater benefit compared with the previous model. This form of wastefulness is what large corporations try to ruse within customers to make the hype dominate our more logical minds.

If you feel the desperate urge to buy something immediately, the best solution is to go home and read about the product in as much detail as you can and then see if you still feel the same way in 48 hours time. The product isn’t going anywhere, so try to shift your mindset from hype mode to logic mode.

Ultimately, there is no exact science to buying the latest tech. However, being cautious and doing your research will give you a better chance of saving money and getting better value for your purchase. Buying the newest device is something we have become accustomed to, but don’t let it rule your mindset and cause you to spend money that could be better used elsewhere in your life.

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