iOS 8 Tips and Tricks to Save you Time and Money

The Californian based company, Apple, is one of the most prolific leaders within the technology space today. The company is the second largest information technology company by revenue after Samsung Electronics, but is the worlds largest technology company in terms of total assets. On November 25th 2014, Apple became the first U.S. company to be valued at over $700 billion, employing 98,000 people in 453 retail stores.

Since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 it popularity has been exponential and to date the company has sold over 500 million iPhones around the world. Their most recent update, iOS 8, was for most users like getting a new iPhone because it was the first major overhaul the operating system has had. Therefore due to its popularity and just in case you missed a few tricks, I’m going to reveal some of the top tips you can use on iOS 8 to save you time and money, whilst improving your experience with your iPhone.


Apple iPhone Photos AppPhotos

If you’ve ever deleted a photo by accident and wished you hadn’t, you can now recover them in the Photos app by tapping on the rubbish bin icon. There is a timer which counts down how long a photo is kept for so don’t expect to find last years deleted photos in there.



Family Sharing – Up to six people within your family can share each other’s purchases such as Books, iTunes (music and videos) and App store purchases. Photos and locations can be shared as well plus more.



iCloud File Sharing – Now you can work on any file, anywhere. If you start working on a presentation on your desktop but need to catch a flight, you can open your Apple laptop and continue where you left off. If your battery dies on your laptop simply pick up your iPhone and continue again, right from within iCloud.

Device Connectivity – If you begin writing an email on your laptop and in a similar scenario to above and need go for dinner, simply pick-up your phone and seamlessly continue where you left off on your phone.

Multi-Device iPhone Control – iPhone owners can answer their phone calls on their Mac or iPad if their iPhone is just out of reach and also send SMS messages from the iPhone, using their Mac of iPad.

 iOS 8 Features and New Additions


Battery Consumption – Within Settings you can view which of your open Apps are consuming the most power and shut them down to prevent further drainage.



Timer – You can get a group shot by setting the timer for up to 10 seconds

Panoramic mode – Now available on both the iPhone and iPad.

Time-Lapse videos – Once selecting 'Time Lapse mode' within the camera app you can select the record button to film for as long as you want.

Light editing – Powerful light and colour editing tools come within the photos app in iOS 8. To begin editing, simply tap the desired image, select the little ‘dial’ button on the bottom right and begin customising to your preference.



Find my iPhone – Finding a phone when the battery is dead can be a nightmare. However, in iOS 8, enter Settings > Privacy > Location > Services > Find My iPhone. Within this area turn on “Send last location.” This will send your phones last known location when the battery is almost dead.


Apple's SiriSiri

Activate Siri – Siri can be activated without hands by simply saying “Hey Siri!”

Song Identification – The popular song-identifying app Shazam is now integrated within Siri, so you can ask Siri “What song is this now?” and the title, artist and a link to buy will be displayed.


Safari (Internet Browser)

Online Privacy – ‘DuckDuckGo’ is a search engine which can be set as your default to prevent any company or website from tracking your activity on the web.

Scan Credit Cards – Online purchases have never been easier, instead of entering your card details online over and over again, now you can simply use your phones camera to scan the numbers when buying online.

All the Devices which are compatible with iOS 8


Predictive Text – ‘Quick Type’ tries to predict what you are trying to write before you complete the word, which can be a great time saver and spelling aid.

Case Dependent – The new software powering the iOS 8 keyboard can recognise whether you’re sending an email or a text message and will adjust the language and words it auto-predicts. It learns that you may use different tones in emails compared to text messages.



Voice Messaging – Any message platform now allows you to send a quick caption of your voice to free up your hands and save texting time.

Apple Messages App IconLocations Sending – Within most messaging platforms you can also send your location to more easily help friends and family locate your exact position.

Auto-Delete Messages – If you don’t like the mundane process of deleting messages to free up space all the time, change this in Settings. In Settings > Messages, turn on ‘Automatically Delete’ and choose to auto-delete messages that are older than 30 days or 1 year old.

Exit Group Messages – Within a group chat, click the ‘Details’ button to turn on ‘Do No Disturb’ mode to silence notifications from this group, or leave the group entirely.

Direct Notification Response – When your iPhone notifies you about a particular message, you can tap reply directly on the notification to draft a response without interrupting the current app you’re on.




Smart Search – Spotlight allows you to search for a contact, a movie or even just a recommendation. Receive what you’re looking for from directly within your phones hard drive, or receive results from further afield like Wikipedia, places nearby or trending news.

The Apple world is expecting another software update later this year so you can be sure to get the full low down here on Buckscoop as and when it becomes available.

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