IKEA is Selling a Flat-Packed Chocolate Bunny for Easter!

IKEA is Selling a Flat-Packed Chocolate Bunny for Easter!

The world knows and loves IKEA for its endless array of flat-packed furniture, and it turns out we can now also love it for flat-packed food, because the VÅRKÄNSLA flat-packed Chocolate Bunny is here for Easter! You can grab it at all stores right now for $6.

I have to admit that when I first saw this one, I mistook it for a toy! But rest assured, people, this is a milk-chocolate bunny, perfectly sized at 90 grams, ready to be built, admired and scoffed.

The VÅRKÄNSLA Chocolate Bunny includes three separate pieces: the bunny feet, the main body and the ears. Each section is designed to slot together like a wooden toy. In fact, without any need for an allen key, it's simple enough for even the most untalented of IKEA assemblers (and we all know a few).

IKEA suggests that this Swedish bunny could actually become an Easter decoration in the house, but given Australia's climate, I think it's safe to say it's best devoured promptly.

Another newcomer for Easter is the VÅRKÄNSLA Easter Egg container. Measuring 15 x 10 centimetres, it can be filled with whatever treats you like and gifted to teachers, friends and colleagues.

IKEA is Selling a Flat-Packed Chocolate Rabbit for Easter!

IKEA has a very interesting range of Swedish delectables worth adding to your Easter treat list, and they're all available at IKEA now - hop to it!

Did you know IKEA now ships from $9? Check out our IKEA online shopping guide for more information.


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