How to Stack T.M. Lewin Promo Codes to Get 52% off Business Shirts plus Free Shipping

We have found a way to stack three offers together to help you save 52% off the original price of formal shirts from renowned UK fashion retailer T.M. Lewin. The stacking consists of a 20% off site wide code, plus a free shipping code which can be applied on T.M. Lewin's multi-buy offer on business shirts. The result means you will be paying just over $30 for top-notch quality shirts, including delivery from the UK, which is pretty unbeatable compared to elsewhere.

T.M. Lewin’s shirts are the same, if not arguably better quality than those of Charles Tyrwhitt (a main competitor). To put things into perspective, when Charles’ shirts go on sale they're commonly reduced to between $40 - $50 each with shipping. Normally we only get excited though when they're discounted to $39, which only happens once every couple of months usually (incidentally they have an offer on like this right now). However, it's the first time in a very long time that we've seen T.M. Lewin's shirts reduced to this extent - hence the blog post to bring this to your attention.


Looking at this three part stacked offer, what we are effectively doing is buying four shirts priced at $40 each, totalling $160 within the multi-buy offer*. Once your selection of shirts has been added to your shopping cart, we're then adding our the 20% off promotional code (Expires 24th April) as well as the free delivery promo code (Expires 3rd May). See the Buckscoop Vouchers page for these codes.

* There was no end date for the multi-buy offer mentioned on the website so I rung their call centre who couldn't confirm when exactly it would expire. Although when pushed, they could only confirm that it would remain active until at least the end of this week (20th – 27th April). So I'd suggest not waiting any longer than that.

 T.M. Lewin Logo Banner for Multi-buy Offer

So what you are effectively buying is four shirts for $32 each, delivered to your door for a total outlay of $128. This represents a reduction from the original value of $265. The 20% off and free shipping codes alone save you $57 before the multi-buy offer has even kicked in. Ultimately, your total saving per shirt comes to between $20 - $50 each, depending on the styles you choose.

TM Lewin Shirt Stack of Different Shirts Available in Multi-buy OfferMy experience with buying shirts online and contributing to online forums discussing the quality from various retailers, supports the general consensus that T.M. Lewin’s shirts are far superior when compared to Van Heusen. The main reason I have found when buying shirts from both retailers is that T.M. Lewin’s products are made from 100% cotton, whereas many of Van Heusen’s similarly priced shirts are made from a cotton/polyester mix. Right now, the price for these lower quality shirts is still more expensive than T.M. Lewin's at circa $35 to $55 each. I also much prefer the fit of T.M. Lewin shirts too.

There's plenty of choice on their website too, displaying 85 different styles within their business shirts category at the time of writing. Although sizing on certain styles may be limited, with so many options to choose from you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding something that suits you. Van Heusen, in comparison, within their business styled shirt section only have 50 to choose from, which isn’t great considering the higher prices and lower quality.

We're also a fan of any retailer who lets you stack multiple codes on top of each other to maximise discounts. This is something that has become increasingly rare amongst online shops in recent years. It's also worth pointing out that T.M. Lewin's promotional codes tend to range between 10% to 20% off. Another good reason then to make your purchase now considering that the 20% off sitewide code is at the top end of their usual discount level.

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