How to Get "Free" Milk and Bread at Coles' and Woolworths' Petrol Stations

There is no doubt that three of the most common purchases which people make on a weekly or monthly basis are milk, bread and petrol/diesel. Therefore wouldn’t it be a great help if you could drastically reduce the price of milk and bread every week, 52 weeks of the year. Or, even get them for free when you refuel your vehicle? Well, you can at either Woolies or Coles utilising their 4c fuel discount policies.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this offer, Coles and Woolies will reward you with a discount of 4 cents off the price of every litre of fuel that you buy when spending spend $30 or more in stores. The discounted fuel is offered at one of these supermarkets' fuel station partners. For Coles it's Shell while for Woolies it's Caltex. Simply present the voucher (received after you purchased your $30+ of items) to the fuel station attendant to redeem the discount.


Free Bread and Milk from Coles and Woolies Fuel DiscountTo get your free bread and milk, here's what you'll need to do. Let's say you've just received a voucher to save 4 cents per litre on fuel after making a qualifying purchase in-store. When you arrive at the fuel station counter with your voucher or card in hand, you will be offered another opportunity to save an extra 4 cents per litre of fuel (totalling 8 cents per litre) if you spend an additional $5 in the fuel station.

At this point, many of you may be thinking that this deal seems pretty useless, especially as most items within view tend to be things like lollipops, chewing gum and chocolate bars. Who really wants to spend an extra $5 every time they fill up on sugar-coated products? Certainly not me!

Yet, the more observant individuals amongst us may have noticed that the little servo shop also offers staples like milk and bread too. This means that for your additional $5 spend you can get either 2 x loaves of bread, 2 x 2L bottles of milk or 1 x loaf of bread plus 1 x 2L bottle of milk.

It is worth mentioning that this deal gets better the more fuel that you put in your car. So if you're not planning on filling your tank it may make more sense to buy your bread and milk at the supermarket instead. For example, if you were to buy these items in store at Coles or Woolies, they would cost you:





Coles Wholemeal Sliced bread 700g - $2

Woolworths Select Wholemeal 700g- $2.30


Coles Skim milk 1L - $1.25

Woolworths Light Milk 1L - $1.25


Woolworths and Caltex Fuel Discount PartnershipHowever, assuming you intend to fill your tank, then waiting to buy these items at the fuel station to get the extra 4 cent discount per litre of fuel should effectively pay for them.

In trying to show you how much you could save, let's look at the what it would cost to refill a common vehicle on our roads, the Holden Commodore (best selling car in Australia in 2001). Additionally, I'll include another best seller from 2011, the Mazda3. The fuel savings will of course be dependent on whether you have a newer or older model, however by filling up a full tank you should be able to save the following utilising the 8 cent discount:


Mazda 3

Holden Commodore

Fuel Tank Capacity 55 litres 75 litres
$0.08c Saving p/L full refill 0.08 x 55 = $4.40 0.08 x 75 = $6


Shell Fuel and Coles Supermarkets Petrol Partnership

Looking at the table above, if you own a Mazda then your bread and milk will only cost you $0.60 cents per week if you refill your car weekly. Whilst owning a Holden Commodore and refilling every week will not only cover the cost of your milk and bread completely, but also put you $1 in credit in the process. This may seem like a small saving, but $5 every week for a year amounts to a total annual saving of $260. Thats not bad, especially when you consider how convenient it is to do so.

I know this isn't what we at Buckscoop would typically classify as a freebie since you have to spend money to begin with in order to redeem it. However, as you're going to be refilling your car anyway, you might as well choose to do so at either a Shell or Caltex in order to take advantage of this "free bread and milk" option.


Each petrol station might have slightly differing prices so some milk might not be 4L for $5, but you will have enough flexibility to make purchases of common household items for $5. Just make sure you don’t waste the saving on useless overpriced sweets and lollies that await customers in prominent positions at the counter. If you're feeling tempted by your sweet tooth, then just remember that these items are guaranteed to be significantly cheaper at the supermarket within their respective value packs.

I would just like to re-iterate that while you might not see the obvious savings because of what bread and milk costs at fuel stations, what is important here is the additional 4 cents per litre off that you'll receive. Even if the products are cheaper within Coles' and Woolies' stores, the 8 cents discount per litre of fuel actually gives you the bread and milk for free.

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