Here's How to Get FREE Personalised Name Labels at Woolworths

Here's How to Get FREE Personalised Name Labels at Woolworths

Forget paying an arm and leg for your personalised name labels this year - at Woolworths you can get them for FREE!

The 2019 Woolworths Back-to-School promotion gives families the chance to score a free pack of 16 personalised name labels for each purchase of three participating products in a single transaction.

There are LOADS of participating products!

Woolworths has made it very easy for parents to get involved in this promotion, with literally hundreds of eligible products included.

Some examples of participating brands include family favourites like Kellogg's, Uncle Tobys, Tip Top, SPC, Sistema, Vita Brits - even Finish. (You will find pamphlets in the aisles at Woolworths that list all brands.)

See the full product list here.

Once you buy three or more items in a single transaction, you will automatically receive a unique code on your receipt. Keep this handy, because you will need it to redeem your labels online at Woolworths.

Redeeming is easily done online at Woolworths

  • Find your unique code at the bottom of your Woolworths receipt
  • Head to this page at Woolworths Online
  • Click on "create labels", and away you go!

You will have the opportunity to create your very own avatar for the labels, choosing from a range of skin, hair and eye colours, ethnicity, gender, apparel and accessories; you can even choose up to four different backgrounds to print. You will get 16 labels per redemption - absolutely FREE!

Got a long surname? There's no maximum letter count for names

If you struggle with fitting your child's entire name on standard labels (and I know the frustration well!), you'll be relieved to know that the Woolworths labels have no maximum letter count. The font size will just shrink to accommodate a larger number of characters. On the other hand, if you only want to use your child's initials or first name, that's fine too.

Do I have to pay for postage?

Nope. The labels will be printed and posted to you free of charge. (Allow up to 28 days to receive them, though.)

You're not limited to one set, so plan your shopping!

Each household is allowed to claim one free pack of 16 labels per day, so this means that over the promotion period, you could score several free packs if you plan your shopping accordingly.

Fabulous quality!

I just received my set of Woolworths labels and they are brilliant! The colours are true to what you see on screen, and the font is clear and easy to read. Most of all I love that these labels aren't paper, but very durable vinyl that stays put in water. I'll definitely be ordering more!

The promotion ends on 12th February, unless sold out earlier. FULL DETAILS HERE.


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