Make FREE Personalised Videos From Santa!

Make FREE Personalised Videos From Santa!

Christmas Eve is here, and to most kids, this is the one of the most magical days of the year. To take the excitement to the next level, get over to Portable North Pole and create a FREE video message from Santa for your child. I just tested it out and it took me all of two minutes to create. The look on my three-year-old's face when I showed him? PRICELESS!

Once you've found the free kids' video option (there is only one), click into it, and proceed with setting up an account. All you will need to enter is your email address and select a password for your account.

Once you're set up, you can set about creating a very special video for your little ones - and it is so easy, anyone could do it.

A simple set-up box will appear, and you'll have to enter your child's name (and you can even have a listen and check the pronunciation to make sure it's spot on), and upload a photo of your little one which will appear in Santa's special book during the video.

You'll also have to indicate how old your child is, and what stage of life they're up to: kindergarten, year three etc.

Once it's complete, you will have to wait a few seconds while the video compiles, et voilà! You've got a personalised video from Santa Claus himself, and one that includes personal details that will thrill the kids.

But Christmas isn't just about kids. There is also a FREE video for adults! There are extra details in this version, including the opportunity to glorify yourself (the sender), and throw in a few cheeky-slash-hilarious insults the recipient's way. The results are hilarious.

You can re-watch your videos for up to a month in your account, and you can also email them to yourself or to friends and family.

Such a fun Christmas activity - and FREE!

Merry Christmas!


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