Forget the Showbag - Bertie Beetle ICE CREAM is Here!

Forget the Showbag - Bertie Beetle ICE CREAM is Here!

Make some room in the freezer, because Woolworths has just released Bertie Beetle ice cream sticks, and they're available now for just $8 a pack!

The Bertie Beetle showbag has been a hands-down favourite at Australia's shows over the past 40 years (yes, that long!), with fans loving not just the irresistible chocolate beetles, but the refreshingly low price tag.

The only problem with these delicious chocolate morsels is that they're quite hard to get your hands on outside of showbag-filled events.

But now there's no need to ration our showbags, or wait a year to get a hit of that famous taste, because Bertie Beetle Ice Cream Sticks are in our midst, and their release is perfectly timed to make summer even more awesome.

So what are they like??

Each ice cream comes in a mini size of just 38 grams, which not only totally goes with the whole Bertie Beetle thing (the showbags have always been smaller than the standard bag), but the 115-calorie portions are better on our post-Christmas waistlines than larger ice creams.

In terms of taste, you get a good dose of chocolate ice cream, loads of crunchy honeycomb pieces, and a complete choc coating that will take you straight to your happy place.

Woolworths also just recently introduced Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream to the freezer aisle, and I may or may not have two tubs at the ready. I better get through them fast and make room for Bertie!

Bertie Beetle Ice Cream Sticks come in packs of six and will set you back $8 a box.


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  • Lauren A.

    I looked in woolies today and nothing!!

  • Dee D.

    our mission is to find them! YUM!

  • Faye B.

    Seriously! I’m in trouble :smile: