First Came UNO, Now There's DOS!

First Came UNO, Now There's DOS!

While we've continued to enjoy UNO for years, passing the love on to our kids (along with our numerous cheat tactics), Mattel has been busy crafting a sequel. DOS is on its way!

DOS is a slightly different card game to UNO, with a lot of similarities, including the styling of the cards.

The basic aim of DOS is to get rid of all of your cards, just like UNO. Play starts with two to four players being dealt seven cards each. Instead of there being one card in the centre row of play, there are now two. The aim is to play cards that match the number on the central cards. Unlike UNO where you have to match colour, the number must match in DOS.

It's also possible to Double Match in DOS, which is discarding two cards that add up to the number in the centre row. You can use WILD cards for this as well. A Double Match entitles a player to another go, and all other players have to pick up a card.

But it gets better.

If you play a card that matches both number and colour, you get another go. If you play a Double Match that is the same in both colour and number you get another go, and force the other players to draw a card.

Like UNO, you have to shout "DOS!" when you have two cards left. Better not forget, or you'll have to draw two cards.

Do you think we'll see TRES, CUATRO - even CINQUENTA card games? Anything's possible.

Watch this space, as soon as DOS hits Aussie stores, you'll find out here.


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  • Sherridan C.

    Haha battles everywhere we go

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    Haha what’s the difference?