Exclusive Discount For Buckscoopers From E-Cigarette Retailer Vaper Empire

Being an ex-smoker, when I initially heard about UK based Vaper Empire and indeed e-cigarettes in general, I was quite intrigued. Relatives of mine now using these electronic devices certainly had some positive things to say about this company. This got my bargain hunting senses tingling so I began tracking down more information online to see whether Vaper Empire actually lived up to its reputation of offering top quality products with fast, affordable shipping to Australia.

We reached out to the company for more information about their products/services who in turn kindly offered Buckscoop users an exclusive coupon code giving you 10% off all orders (on a min spend of $130), plus free shipping which saves you another $15.

This industry's booming growth both in Australia and overseas indicates that many smokers are now trying out this alternative. Its popularity here isn't surprising though, considering it's illegal to sell e-liquids containing nicotine in Australia. This in turn is forcing people to shop abroad to satisfy their e-cig needs.

What I don't want to do in this post is get into the whole discussion around whether or not e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes or a whether they're a better cessation aid than others for quitting smoking. So whatever your views are, my goal here is simply to provide advice to new or existing customers on how to go about getting good value for money on these products.


Exclusive Buckscoop Discount

One suggestion of where you can put this Vaper Empire coupon code to good use can be found in this this post from deal hunter "vikk". It shows you how to save 20% off one of their Vantage starter kits when combined with a refill value pack (containing 6 liquids). If you're new to the world of e-cigarette's though, then it's probably best to start with a quick introduction on how they work:

The complete contents of the above mentioned order consists of two clearomisers, two rechargeable batteries, six bottles of e-liquid (the 6th of which is free), a battery charger, power adapter and a users manual. Of course there are other options available within the Vaper Empire website such as the company’s Viva Titanium Deluxe starter kit retailing at $130. However, the Vantage Series seemingly gets the best reviews from their customers. Applying the exclusive Buckscoop coupon to the Viva Titanium deluxe model though and it drops the price to $117, giving you a saving of $28. This is very similar to the Vantage starter kit, however if you buy this Viva pack you will also receive two additional e-liquids (total of 3) plus a carry case.


Vaper Empire the Company

In line with the Australian government's zero tolerance on nicotine products, Vaper Empire offers a solution to receiving your vaporing fix from abroad without all the usual added stress and hassle associated with overseas orders. Their website and combined effort for captivating the Australian market has encouraged them to provide swift overseas deliveries to Aussie customers.

In my opinion their international shipping cost is reasonably priced, plus it’s cheaper than what many UK based stores who focus on local or neighbouring markets would charge to send something to Australasia. 7-10 day standard delivery will cost you $15, while if you need it shipped within 3 days you can pay $35 for express delivery.


Starer Kit and Competitors

Vaper Empire Chinese DragonDuring my hunt online, I found Vaper Empire’s product offerings to offer a very wide selection when compared with most of its competitors. The variety of styles, designs and choice of flavoured refills available gave me a sense that most customers should be able to find something they liked with ease.

Vaper Empire’s starter kits represent good value for money considering they all come with 2x clearomisers, 2x batteries and e-liquids. Prices start at $85 for these kits while buying individual e-liquids will cost you $12 per unit. In the value packs though, you will receive 6 e-liquids for the price of 5.

When looking at other UK or US based e-cig retailers, one thing you shouldn't be mislead by are the cheaper prices for starter packs. At first glance they may all look fairly similar, although if you pay attention to the content details you'll quickly see that contents of Vaper Empire kits are far more comprehensive. I looked at companies like Veppocig, Vaporfi and Liberty Flights and although initially they seemed cheaper, after doing a like for like comparison of the various kit's contents, I found that they were actually more expensive.

[FYI - for future reference, if you're looking for a discount on Vaper Empire products you can always check their vouchers page on Buckscoop for the latest active coupons.]


Legailities Around E-Cigarette Sales in Australia

Vaper Empire Logo in Australia

It appears that there are two schools of thought around e-cigarettes; some researchers are under the opinion that e-cigarettes are a gateway to conventional cigarettes, whilst other believe that they actually help move smokers away from their tobacco habit.

Under Victorian poison laws the sale, possession and use of nicotine in the form of e-cigarettes is illegal. Therefore the only way people can buy and use e-cigarettes with nicotine within them is by importing them for personal use under a Therapeutic Goods Administration importation scheme, which requires a medical prescription.

Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland prohibit the sale of products that are designed to resemble tobacco products.

There are currently no laws or bans against selling e-cigarette products in Victoria.

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